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As I begin to thank all who made our reunion the wonderful weekend we had, from beginning to final presentation of our banquet hall and all else, I must begin with these two ladies. I know what a "pain" I was during the "preparations" for our reunion this year and the "headaches" you both "suffered" from it,(you might say nothing new), but please accept my sincerest gratitude, love and appreciation for making this year's reunion, all that it was...

Denise Lamwatt , thank you for your expert coordinating to bring alive the vision we had for our banquet hall and all else with regards to giving our guests the best experience for this reunion and previous...Lauren Ashby Bannister....if I had anything to do with it, I would "canonize" you :) Seriously thank you, love you and truly appreciate you both.

Thank you to our Sponsors, Sybil's Bakery and Restaurant,Guyanese American Chamber, Suriname Airlines for round trip ticket to Guyana, Brian Bacchus -Luxury Rides , Laparkan Shipping. We truly appreciate your support .

Thank you Clive Ngakien...for everything!

Thank you Adrian and Brittny , our bartenders for Saturday night and working for free :)

Thank you to our caterer F Seaga Events for the wonderful food Saturday night.

Thank you Ambassador Riyad Insanally for the wonderful message sent which was truly appreciated by all attending. We look forward to your continued support and being of support to the charitable and needy in Guyana. We delivered cash of $420 US to Guyana Red Cross attendee present Saturday night.

Thank you Florence Kersting and Narin Singh for sharing your art with us this weekend, Your artwork is truly impressive and appreciated by all who had the pleasure of viewing your work.

Thank you Phillip Illuco and Guyanese-American Cultural Association of Central Florida for flowers.

Thank you DJ Radcliffe Reid for the awesome music which the dancing "Kings and Queens" thoroughly enjoyed ! :)

And last but certainly not least, to all of our Gt lime attendees who made this possible again this weekend. Thank you for your love and support and giving us the opportunity to go down memory lane again and do what we love to do, have a lime for a weekend every so often... Love to you all always for helping to take us back to a place when we started this bond of brotherhood and sisterhood....a place of great memories and stories to share always and for the next generation of GT Limers in years to come :)

See you next time

Sincerely appreciated

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